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AFS-TEX 4000x Active Anti-Fatigue Mat

Designed specifically for use with standing desks, the compact ergonomic design of this mat offers exceptional fatigue relief.


The 4000x combines massage features, stretch areas and an uneven surface to encourage movement. 

System 5000 S2S - Sit to Stand Working - Adjustable Height Desk Mat and Chair Mat
AFS-TEX Corner Icon
AFS-TEX Corner Icon
  • Ergonomically designed to use with standing desks.

  • Unique 'ergo bar' for massaging the feet and stretching feet and legs.

  • Raised massage pods and curves to help relieve pressure on the feet. 

  • Contoured surface with raised sides, encourages regular movement to help stimulate blood flow and give superior fatigue relief.

  • This is a compact standing desk mat, perfect for compact desk space or users under 5'6".

  • Cushioned and supportive surface to help reduce fatigue during long periods of standing.

  • Anti-slip base for stability.

  • Solid, single-piece construction from polyurethane. 

  • Non-toxic and phthalate-free.

  • Safe for use in the home and around children and animals. 

  • Recyclable 

  • Comes with 10 year limited warranty.

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